Foundation Crawlspace Inspection

Many of the home’s most critical mechanical and structural systems are located in the crawlspace area:

Footings – Foundation Walls – Cripple Walls – Foundation Vents – Tier Support Systems – Sewer/Drainage Pipes – Water Delivery Pipes – Wall Seal Plates – Floor Joist & Subfloor Systems – Insulation – Electrical Lines – Cabling – HVAC Ducting –  Ducting Ties/Supports – Ducting Insulation – Moisture Barriers, etc.

Having the crawlspace closely inspected and documented is crucial because this area gives you a great indication as to the condition of the “bones” in the home.


Our Newest Crawl Space Crawler Technology:

6 Wheel Independent Suspension

No Line of Sight Monitor Control

HD 4 K Video & Pictures

Insta-Track Zoom Capacity

HD LED Lights

360 Degree Imaging & Video

5 1/2 Inches In Height!

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