Sentry Inspection Services Provides Thorough Professional Inspections for Residential Home, Multi Family Units and Commercial Properties in Albany, Leesburg and all Southwest Georgia Areas. We also provide professional mold, asbestos and lead-based paint inspections.


Our awards and certifications speak for themselves!

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As a Nationally Certified Professional Inspector®,

We provide professional residential home, residential multi-unit and commercial property inspection services in Albany, Leesburg, and the entire Southwest Georgia area. Call (229) 449-8482 to schedule with us directly or schedule your inspection online.

Trust, Honesty, and Dependability…

Our professional business is built on trust, honesty, dependability, unparalleled experience, unmatched customer service, our detailed inspection process, and our modern mobile reports that are available within 24 hours of the inspection and, in most cases – the same day.

Experienced Inspectors For Homes And Property

We understand the commitment you are about to make. We have been there too, and we guarantee that we will inspect your property as if we were personally buying it ourselves.

Our thorough professional inspections and detailed inspection reports will give you the tools to understand the condition of the residential, business, or commercial property structure and its major systems. Our experienced inspectors for homes and properties will give you the information to allow you to make an informed investment decision and give you the ability to renegotiate for repairs of items or the purchase price.

Why Hire Us?

Home inspectors aren’t necessarily hard to find, but we are on your side to help you make an informed decision.

Customer Reviews

#1 Highest Rated Inspector in the Southwest Georgia Area

“We hired Sonny and Sentry Inspections to inspect two commercial retail strip malls for us in Albany and Leesburg Georgia. We were very impressed with his professionalism, promptness, and the thoroughness of his reports on both properties. His reports made it very easy to develop an informed priority list of repairs that needed to be addressed. Sonny was always so responsive and spent a significant amount of time in discussions with us when we had questions. He was also able to provide us with a list of vendors in the southwest Georgia area that could assist us in obtaining the needed repairs or updates. If you are considering investing in commercial property call Sonny and Sentry Inspections. A + Service from beginning to end.”

“In a bit of a time crunch for scheduling an inspection for (2) 4-plexes I was looking to purchase, Sonny was the only inspector willing to take on the inspection on such short notice. He was upfront with his pricing and very responsive considering the tight timeline for his services. He was extremely thorough with the inspection of both buildings and the reports generated were outstanding. I was impressed at his attention to detail and the conciseness for which he relayed any issues and his recommendations to remedy the issues. His willingness to answer any and all questions post-report generation was greatly appreciated, as there were numerous (and I mean numerous!) questions asked and which he gladly provided the answers to over many phone calls. Whether purchasing a primary residence or an investment property, I would highly recommend Sonny for your property inspection services!”

“We hired Sonny and Sentry Inspections to inspect a 95,000 sq ft agricultural processing plant in Dawson, GA. He was prompt, professional and thorough. His report broke all the concerns down into 3 color coded categories that really made it easy to understand what the inspection found and the degree of concern with each deficit. I strongly recommend contacting Sentry Inspections for your commercial inspection. You will be glad you did.”

“I’m an investor who’s purchasing outside of my normal market, so having a thorough, responsive Inspector was important to me. Sonny with Sentry Home Inspections was just what I needed. I hired him for a multifamily inspection that was fully occupied and required significant maneuvering around the tenants. He was very flexible with working around the tenants, even when they were late to the appointment. Sonny provided a very detailed report with a helpful summary at the beginning, color coded so you can understand the difference between a safety issue vs. a recommendation, his notes and easy to follow photos that correspond to his notes. I’m glad I used this company for my inspection, and I look forward to working with them again.”

“Mr. Sonny is very professional and has great knowledge! He thoroughly inspected our historic home and sent a very detailed report. His reports have pictures and suggestions on how to get things fixed. He is so polite and will answer any questions you have even after the inspection is done. If I ever have the opportunity to work with him again I definitely will. A very honest and kind professional man I can tell he truly cares about his clients!”

“We put an offer in on a home in Americus, Georgia from out of state and did some pretty hefty research looking for a home inspector in Southwest Georgia that impressed us. We decided to hire Sonny and Sentry Home Inspections to do our due diligence inspection for us. Best home inspection we have ever had without exception. If you are looking for a true professional that will “Have Your Back” when buying a home, you need to call Sonny first. While we decided not to buy that home we are still looking and we will definitely be calling Sonny to inspect the next home for us. Highly Recommended.”

“Stop right here. If you’re buying a home, searching for a Home Inspection service, Sentry Home Inspections is it. More than “it”. It’s The Bomb! Over the last 50 years, our profession required us to move more times than people believe; I’ll leave it at “dozens”. We have never encountered a service or person the quality and expertise of Sonny Slate. Period. The work, the man, the report and time freely given during and after to explain, guide, suggest was beyond any service we had experienced in GA, SC, VA, MD, NY, OH. CA, TX. To say more would be redundant. Bottom line: you will not find a better man or service in this line of work. Period.”


Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspection

Residential Multi-Family Units Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

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Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Asbestos Testing and Inspection

Lead Paint Testing and Inspection

Professional Inspection Cost


Our fees for our professional inspection services for residential – multi-family unit or commercial properties are based on the value that we provide to our clients.

While our prices are competitive, we are probably not going to be the “cheapest” inspector you can find – and we are perfectly ok with that. Many inspectors are driven by the volume of inspections they can do and squeeze in as many inspections as they can on their calendars. These are the same inspectors who do an inspection in the shortest time possible and spit out what they call a report. These are also those inspectors who are not abreast in the latest inspection practices, training, technology, or professional quality reports – like we are.

We are not driven to be the cheapest or fastest inspector out there – we are driven to be the BEST.

Seriously think about this for a second:

If you are getting ready to spend thousands and thousands of your hard-earned dollars buying a residential, residential commercial or commercial property – and you are looking for the best inspector available – do you really want to hire the cheapest or fastest inspector you can find?

Not everyone needs or even wants the detailed and comprehensive style of Inspections that we provide. But, if you want to know as much as possible about your potential investment and want to make sure that you are making a sound decision and not buying a “money pit,” – then you’ve come to the right place!

Before you decide to hire any inspector – any inspector – do your due diligence, really check that inspector out and pay close attention to their Google Reviews and the feedback that their clients have given them. We service certified home inspector in Albany, Leesburg and across Southern GA.

At Sentry Inspections we are proud of the quality of professional services we provide, and we let our Google Feedback Ratings from our clients speak for themselves. We have over 210 + 5 Star Google Ratings from our clients who had entrusted us to do their inspection.

Our Technology Improves Your Inspection Report

We stay abreast of and invest in the newest cutting-edge technology, tools, and reporting software to provide YOU with the most current and up to date information possible about your potential new home, residential commercial or commercial property. Staying on the cutting edge of technology allows us to deliver unmatched professional inspections for all our clients.

(Aerial Drones, Crawlspace robotic rovers-for ordinarily hard to reach/inaccessible areas, Thermal Imaging cameras, Moisture meters, Airflow meters, Circuit analyzers, Combustion gas meters, CO sensors, Clamp meters, 360 cameras, etc.)


I promise you – no one in Albany, Leesburg, or the Southwest Georgia area will do a better job making sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed investment decision. If you entrust us to do your property inspection, you will receive the best inspection possible, and you will not be disappointed. I guarantee it! So, get rid of all the stress about having your property inspected, and let us give you the peace of mind you deserve. Join our long list of satisfied customers today.

Thank You for Considering Us…. We’ve Got You Covered!

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