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Leesburg Home Inspector Services

Buying a home is one of the most important—and likely the most expensive—investments of your lifetime. When making such a purchase, you need to know that the property you are considering is in top-notch condition, with no hidden issues that could require extensive repairs or upgrades. A home inspection is like a health check-up for the property, helping you make an informed decision and potentially saving you from future financial and emotional stress.

Why Choose Sentry Inspection Services?

At Sentry Inspection Services, we know how important a home is to those who dwell within. More than just a place to live, a home is a place of warmth, comfort, and security where families grow, and memories are made. Those memories should be happy ones, and not focused on dealing with flaws that went unnoticed at the time of purchase.

Leesburg Inspectors For Homes and Property Services

We take great pride in helping our clients ensure that their home is safe and structurally sound. Having a dream home turn into a nightmare is something we never want you to experience.

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Leesburg Home Inspector Services?

It’s simply. When you team up with Sentry Inspection Services, here’s what you can expect:

·        Local Expertise On Home Inspections
We have an in-depth understanding of Leesburg and surrounding areas, giving us insight into the unique characteristics and challenges of local homes. Our inspectors are familiar with this area’s construction trends, along with issues that may affect homes in this community.

·        Licensed and Certified Leesburg Home Inspectors
Our team of professional inspectors is highly certified and proud of the rewards and recognition they have received. They bring knowledge and experience to every inspection and are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service, meeting and exceeding industry standards.

·        Comprehensive Inspections
We offer thorough inspections to help you understand the condition of everything from foundation to roof and everything in between. The latest tools and technology we employ reveal any potential issues so that you have a complete understanding of the home’s condition, allowing you to make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the purchase.

·        Easy-to-understand Reports
Although our reports are highly detailed, they are also presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. We’ll take you through our findings to ensure that everything makes sense for you, answering any questions that you may have and providing recommendations for necessary repairs, potential problems, and any improvements that should be considered.

Our Leesburg Home Inspection Services

We offer a range of Leesburg Home Inspection services including:

·        Pre-purchase Home Inspection
Before you buy, verify. Our pre-purchase inspection provides you with all the information you need about the home with an assessment of the interior/ exterior, roof, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more.

·        Pre-Listing Your Home Inspection

Most people will think of home inspectors when they are planning a purchase, but if you plan to sell your home, a pre-listing inspection can reveal potential issues before they become obstacles to the sale.

·        New Construction Commercial Inspection
Home inspections aren’t simply for older homes that have changed hands several times—even new homes can have issues. Our inspectors can ensure that the new home meets local building codes and quality standards.

Peace of Mind with Sentry Inspection Services

leesburg home inspector row of housesIt’s unlikely that you’ll ever make an investment or purchase that carries as much weight as buying a home. With Sentry Inspection Services, you can be sure that your new home offers you value and most of all, safety.

Overall, home inspections provide peace of mind, financial protection, and the opportunity to address problems before they escalate, making them a critical step in the real estate process. Learn more about a home inspection report, property inspections, and mold testing.

Have questions about the home inspection process and how it helps you?Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.