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At Sentry Home Inspections, LLC, we take great pride in our professional services and providing unmatched residential home inspections and commercial property inspections. Our prompt professional service, the quality of our inspections, our state-of-the-art reports, and our commitment to outstanding customer service, are what separates us from everyone else. Nothing makes us feel better than knowing that we provide outstanding service to each and every client we work for. When clients are pleased with our service, we feel good about the value we can provide to them in what may very well be the largest investment decision they will make in their lives. We appreciate all the feedback and reviews that our clients give us and here are some of them:

Brian Wilson – October 16, 2020:

“Stop right here. If you’re buying a home, searching for a Home Inspection service, Sentry Home Inspections is it. More than “it”. It’s The Bomb! Over the last 50 years, our profession required us to move more times than people believe; I’ll leave it at “dozens”. We have never encountered a service or person the quality and expertise of Sonny Slate. Period. The work, the man, the report and time freely given during and after to explain, guide, suggest was beyond any service we had experienced in GA, SC, VA, MD, NY, OH. CA, TX. To say more would be redundant. Bottom line: you will not find a better man or service in this line of work. Period.”