Home Foundation Inspection

Many of your home’s most critical mechanical and structural systems may be located in the foundation/crawlspace area:

Footings – Foundation Walls – Cripple Walls – Foundation Vents – Tier Support Systems – Sewer/Drainage Pipes – Water Delivery Pipes – Wall Seal Plates – Floor Joist & Subfloor Systems – Insulation – Electrical Lines – Cabling – HVAC Ducting –  Ducting Ties/Supports – Ducting Insulation – Moisture Barriers, etc.

Having your homes foundation and crawlspace closely inspected is crucial because this area gives you a great indication as to the condition of the “bones” in the home.

At Sentry Home Inspections, LLC we are always at the forefront of home inspection technology. We stay abreast of the latest training and available tools so that we can provide our clients with the very best professional inspection possible. One example is our new “Foundation Crawler.”


Our Newest Foundation Crawler Technology:

6 Wheel Independent Suspension

No Line of Sight Monitor Control

HD 4 K Video & Pictures

Insta-Track Zoom Capacity

HD LED Lights

360 Degree Imaging & Video

5 1/2 Inches In Height!

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