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Do you have suspicions that you might have a mold issue in your home? If so, here are the top 10 reasons to get a mold & in-door air quality inspection:

  1. You see what you think may be mold, but you are unsure of the type of mold and what is causing it.
  2. You are experiencing allergic symptoms, such as stuffy head, headaches, scratchy throat, runny nose, coughing and not sure why.
  3. Your home has been damaged in a storm.
  4. You think you may have mold but are not sure.
  5. You have noticed musty odors that have not been present before but don’t see any obvious mold.
  6. You have experienced plumbing leaks, flooding or water/moisture issues in your home or office.
  7. You want or need air testing after mold removal has been done by you or a professional to check whether mold levels have normalized.
  8. You are a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction and need evidence whether airborne mold levels are not normalized.
  9. You a landlord or tenant and need evidence whether there is a mold problem.
  10. You are looking for a general assessment of your indoor air quality to make sure your family is breathing high quality clean air in your home.

If you find yourself in one of these scenarios and need peace of mind – Call Sentry Inspections today to schedule your mold & in-door air quality testing in Southwest Georgia:

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