Can you Fail a Home Inspection?

In much the same way that you can not really “Fail” a physical, regardless of how bad your health may be – a home really can not Fail an inspection.  A home inspection is a detailed visual examination of a homes structure and major systems reporting on their overall condition at the time of the inspection. The inspection identifies what issues have been identified and what is required to remedy or correct the issues.

Even though most professional certified inspectors follow different check list – typically the home inspection will cover the following general areas: Roof, Attic, Chimney, Flashing, Overhang, Soffits/Venting, Gutters, Lot Drainage, Foliage / Trees, Exterior, Heating & Cooling Systems, Electrical System, Plumbing System, Windows, Doors, Interior, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Major Appliances, Water Heater System, Foundation, Structural Components and Insulation.

While there are no set “issues” that automatically disqualify a home from being purchased, there are an array of critical issues that swing a buyer’s decision either way depending on the individual buyer. For example if the home inspection report identifies critical issues with a homes plumbing that might require major repair or replacement, the buyer might easily decide to back out of the purchase. Or the buyer might simply love the house so much that they decide they will use their available resources to address this issue. Another example might be serious or critical discovered during the home inspection, that will require a new roof to be put on. If the seller refuses to address the need, the buyer may very well decide not to purchase the home out of overall concern. Each situation depends on the comfort level of the buyer.

While your home inspection will not tell you if your home has “passed” or “failed“, if it is done by a professional certified inspector, you will have all the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

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