Does Your Home Have Defective Roofing Shingles?

You would likely not even know it. However, If you have visible, non weather-related damage to your roof, you most likely have defective shingles. There are currently thousands of roofs with Atlas Chalet and CertainTeed shingles that are deteriorating at a much quicker pace than the industry standard. This is due to manufacturer defects. These defects were so widespread that many lawsuits were filed over the past few years, lawsuits which eventually became large class-action lawsuits. Georgia had more of these shingles installed than any other State in the USA.

So, what do the defects look like? The defective shingles deteriorate in similar patterns including cracking, curling, pitting, blistering, balding and severe de-granulation.

These shingles, if present on your home, can encourage water penetration due to material failure. If you are going to be buying a home, the presence of these shingles can stop that process as insurance companies will not cover the roofs.  If you are selling a home with these shingles present buyers are not going to assume the innate risk and potential future outlay so the sale of your home could be abruptly terminated – unless, of course, you agree to cover contingency replacement of the shingles.

Make sure your home inspector is very well trained and familiar with roofing materials as well as any performance issues or defects with material composition and life span. Especially any shingles that have had manufacturer recalls or class action lawsuits. If they’re not, that could cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected repair and replacement cost as both a home buyer or a home seller.

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