The Top 20 Home Defects Found During Home Inspections?  

Do You Know the Top 20 Most Common Defects Found in Home Inspections in Southwest Georgia? 


Not everyone knows the most common issues we see on a regular basis that show up as deficiencies in Home Inspections. Many of the issues could remedied with simple proactive maintenance – while some do require some level of professional assistance. Being aware of these common deficiencies can help sellers truly prepare their home for pre-listing and can also help buyers be aware of these issues during the home viewing process:


Ground Drainage – Proper Positive Slope

Worn Out Shingles / Roof Protrusion Boot Deficiencies

Chimney Flashing and Roof Flashing Deficiencies

Severely Weathered or Water Damaged Overhang/Soffit/Exterior Trim

Lack of Adequate Guttering System

Vegetation Against Exterior Structure – Tree Limbs Over Roof Surfaces

Weathered Windows & Caulking and Sealer is Severely Damaged or Missing

Doors That Need Adjusting and Servicing

Neglect or Moisture Damage to Brick Porches/Patio’s/Decks

Mold, Water, or Moisture Damage to Framing or Floor Systems

Improper or Inadequate Plumbing Under Sinks

Electrical Panel / Distribution Panel Wiring & Other Issues

Damaged or Improper Electrical Boxes, Receptacle, or Switches

Electrical Fixtures and or Bulb Deficiencies

No AFCI / GFCI Protection at Bedrooms / Bathrooms and Other Wet Areas

Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms

Lack of Proper Maintenance of HVAC Equipment & Filters

Badly Neglected & Lack of Proper Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space

Old Cast Iron and Galvanized Waste Disposal & Water Supply Distribution Pipes

Dangerous DYI / Unprofessional Construction Projects


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