Should I Get An Indoor Air Quality Inspection?

In today’s environment where we are concerned about traveling out in public and the innate risk that brings, knowing what quality your air is in your home is even more important and critical than ever. You want to make sure that your home environment is as safe and secure as possible for you and your family. In addition to your home inspection – or as a free standing inspection if you already own your home – knowing that the air your family is breathing inside your home is one of the most important aspects as a home owner.

With the onset of COVID 19 and other air borne pathogens, it’s not hard to understand that we need to breath the cleanest air possible. Since the majority of our time is now spent indoors, we are essentially “trapped” with the quality of the indoor air that is characteristic of our surroundings. Indoor air quality (IAQ) encompasses everything that contributes to the level of the occupants comfort inside the home and most home owners don’t have a clue what the quality of their air is.

Many professional certified home inspectors also provide Indoor Air Quality inspections as an ancillary service. Besides the usual high temperature and humidity concerns in the Southwest Georgia area, home owners should be concerned about particulates, molds and mycotoxins, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, allergens, radon and other volatile organic compounds that can be present in the air inside the home. Unfortunately, unless you have a professional indoor air quality inspection performed by a nationally certified professional inspector, you can never be certain that your indoor air is safe.

Professional certified indoor air quality inspectors must consider many facets of air quality when performing an inspection. Their inspection will entail evaluating the external air, inspecting air intakes of the cooling and heating systems, air filter examination, air duct examinations, extended air pump sampling with air capture cells that are sent off to an accredited laboratory for expert analysis, visual inspections of the homes attic and foundation areas and surface sampling inside the home, ect.

If you have no clue what the indoor air quality of your home is – contact us today so we can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your family is breathing the cleanest air possible. After all – is anything really more important in today’s environment?

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